Lucky Strike Philly

Lucky Strike Lanes presents a special Philadelphia Record Riot! Sunday December 10th!

Come join us for a great afternoon of record digging at one of Center City Philly’s prime entertainment spots, Lucky Strike Lanes, located at 1336 Chestnut Street, right off Broad Street. Hours of the show are from noon until 6 PM, and there’s FREE regular admission (early entry at 10 AM will set you back $10.00). The Philly Record Riot at Lucky Strike will feature great LP & CD dealers from Philadelphia and beyond. And if you haven’t been to Lucky Strike, they have great food and drink, along with other types of entertainment as well (bowling for example, ha!). It’ll be a great way to spend a pre-holiday season Sunday—digging in the dollar bins, searching for rare records, finding great 3 for 10 dollar CD deals. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

(There’s limited dealer space available for this event. Please inquire quickly if you’d like to sell with us.)